Easily combine multiple left-over balances from prepaid credit cards together into a lump sum.

What is Prepaid Merge?

Have you ever wondered or wished what you will ever do with those multiple tiny left over Prepaid Credit Card balances that you probably have laying around your house?

Now, let's say you received 3x $100 prepaid gift cards for your birthday (or any occasion), what a great day. You used the first $100 prepaid card to purchase a $97.58 item for yourself, and your card is now left with $2.42.

With your second $100 card, you spent $85, and are now left with $15 on that one.

Then your third $100 prepaid credit card, you spent $93.65 so you are left with $6.35 on that one.

So now between your 3 birthday gift cards, you are left with a total of $23.77. The problem is your balances are split between 3 different cards!


This is where Prepaid Merge comes to the rescue.

We have developed a simple solution and the first of its kind to handle these micro transactions from card balances as low as $1 up to a maximum of $25! This means our revolutionary system can process all 3-cards and merge the balances together for you, safely and securely.

You can then extract and withdraw your entire $23.77 (minus our small transaction fees) and spend it however you like. Plus, you can process an unlimited number of cards for every and any occasion! It's a triple great day now and at least one of your birthday wishes came true.

How does it work?

Once you signup for a Free account, you will be allowed to enter your cards one by one (or scan them with your camera) to be processed by our system. Each prepaid cards balance (minimum $1 and a maximum of $25) will be deposited into your Prepaid Merge account balance, at which point you can cash out via Paypal or Interac E-transfer.

How long does it take?

Faster than you can spend your gifts. Instantly!

However, all new accounts are subject to a 10-day hold and review for fraud prevention. New accounts without a healthy transaction history are limited to a $10 daily withdrawal limit. Once the initial 10-day cool down period has passed, withdrawal limits automatically increase by $5 every 10-days to a current maximum of $100 daily withdrawal limit. Our anti-fraud systems may restrict, lift limitations or suspend accounts automatically.

Which cards are supported?

All major credit cards are supported: Mastercard, Visa, American Express Discover, JCB, Diners and Cartes Bancaires.

"... I get prepaid credit cards every year for the holidays and have so many prepaid gift cards left over that I never know what to do with them until I found Prepaid Merge which allows me to finally combine them all it's great and exactly what I needed! - Joanne D."

"... great service! If I didn't have this, I would be stuck with a whole bunch of change that would go to waste. I bought something nice for my niece after... - Diana H."

"I finally found a service to combine and merge all my prepaid credit cards and it was a great experience and super convenient, thanks Prepaid Merge! - Jack Y."

"... had a huge pile of prepaids about to expire that I would have lost but Prepaid Merge helped me access and recover my funds I really needed at the time, huge shoutout and thanks to Prepaid Merge!!! - Tim G."